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Information for Manuscript Preparation

Here is file "Information for Manuscript Preparation" in Ukrainian (pdf).             Правила для авторів (Українською = UA)

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1. The journal publishes papers in any areas of mathematics.

2. Submission is the receiving by the Editorial Office of the following: information about author(s) and the zip-file containing LaTeX files of the manuscript and files of illustrations.

3. Manuscripts should be in English or in Ukrainian or in Russian. Manuscripts should be electronically prepared using LaTeX 2e. Sample file for preparation can be gotten in the Editorial Office or on the Internet (see below ). Short abstract (100-300 words) must accompany the manuscript. Abstract should be in English and in Ukrainian and in Russian. Abstract should contain author's name, title of the paper, keywords, 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification and UDK Classification. The Editorial Board could help with the translation to Ukrainian and Russian. Also provide an abbreviated version of the article title (60 characters or less) for use as a running head.

 4. The manuscript should have references in Roman script. The style and punctuation of the references is illustrated by the following examples:

Book :
1. A.M. Lyapunov. The general problem of the stability of motion. 1892. Kharkov Mathematical Society, Kharkov, 251 p.

Journal Article :
2. A.M. Lyapunov. A new case of integrability of differential equations of motion of a solid body in liquid, Rep. Kharkov Math. Soc., - 1893. - 2. V.4. - P. 81-85.

5. Each illustration should be presented by a separated file in one of the following formats: EPS, BMP, JPG.

6. We ask authors to provide information on their personal scientific profiles (,, ) with the corresponding web-links.

7. In the case of non-observance of this rules of manuscript preparation a manuscript will not be considered.

8. Manuscripts should be sent to: and/or

Journal "Visnyk of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University"

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University
4, Svobody sqr.,
Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine

9. If you experience difficulties with the manuscript submission, please contact the Managing Editor of the Journal (Alexander Rezounenko ).

Important :

Here is the sample LaTeX 2e file ( vissamp-2016.tex ) for manuscript preparation and the auxiliary file (vestnik-ukr-en.tex) containing all definitions needed for the sample LaTeX file. The sample file includes a figure . The author needs to download all these files and compile vissamp-2016.tex (sample file) in LaTeX 2e.

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Last updated: Nov 7, 2018.
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